On the Permanent Way

Well, work will shortly resume on the Boltorr branch. I have a further aim. That involves using a second space in our cellar… Mrs Hill doesn’t know yet…

But this is my ambition:

Well, I have to finish a few other jobs first…

I really wanted a roundy-roundy, but space precludes this, particularly as I’m intent on keeping visible curves at as large a radius as I can. The branch and china clay depot will be transportable in case I decide to exhibit at local model railroad shows.

Our attic does have space for a pretty impressive circuit with the possibility of a couple of scale half-mile stretches and twelve coach and forty wagon trains, but it gets to about 120F/50C up there in the summer, and I just don’t know how cold in the winter. HVAC and insulation costs preclude practical consideration.

What lies beneath… Boltorr dam, St Boltfrey’s Cross and a trig point up on the tor

Author: Alan
A Stranger in a Strange Land

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