Heart of the LiquidLounge media empire

Heart of the LiquidLounge media empire

Do you want to listen to a radio station which plays an eclectic selection of music, most of which you’ve never heard before?

Hmm. Thought not. But if you do try LiquidLounge, broadcast from the heart of my NAS here @Bloke Acres to The World using the facility of The Interwebs.

Actually, this isn’t so difficult, but it does mean running a server on your home network and threading ports through your router/modem to enable the outside world access to your marvellous good taste.

Speaking of which, The Most Marvellous Time Of The Year is fast approaching so LiquidLounge will be shifting into Christmas Season Mode. Sorry about that. But Mrs Bloke likes it.

Anyway, LiquidLounge is currently run on an old laptop running Win7pro using WinAmp, ShoutCast and ShoutCast GUI.

You can listen to it here or see the last twenty tracks on its playlist here.

I’ll look at each of these elements in detail in other posts.

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