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Catcott Burtle - This is my aim ...

Catcott Burtle – This is my aim …

I’m in the process of resurrecting an old hobby of mine.

Yes. Model railways. Or If you prefer, model railroads.

I don’t know what it is about railways, particularly steam railways. Maybe it’s the elemental blend of Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

Making my first turnout

Making my first turnout

Here in the US I should really be looking at HO size – 1:87 scale / 3.50mm/ft / 16.50mm gauge – if I want the easy life and, if I wanted to make life a little more difficult I could pick OO – 1:76 scale / 4.00mm/ft / 16.50mm gauge/British outline. But no. I’m going for P4, S4 or ScaleFour as it is variously known, which is 1:76 scale / 4.00mm/ft / 18.83mm gauge.

I’m looking at building a very small, but perfectly formed representation of a mythical branch railway situated in The Bloke’s Own Country, serving a few communities who, in the real world, got bypassed. It’s what could have been, or is yet to be, through some worm-hole in the space/time continuum.

Click on “The Railways of Chris Nevard” in the sidebar to see what my aim is.

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