It’s The Final Countdown

Well, I’m due to be ensconced in Red Bank from around the second week of October.

Once the fabled stable of Mr Tweed’s bicycles is installed I’ll be pedalling around the town and, on occasions, will be forced to report.

In the meantime this is an image of one of my other bicycles which isn’t actually Black Beauty.

The All-City Big Block
The All-City Big Block

It’s still black. I know.

I built it as a fixie, but my knees said, “NO!!!”

Now with a freewheel, it’s my favorite bike-around-town. Of course, a town with no hills, obviously. Or maybe not …

Roads Were Not Built For Cars

Roads Were Not Built For Cars
Roads Were Not Built For Cars – Carlton Reid
So. Roads were never designed for cars.

In fact, good quality roads existed before cars, mostly brought about by the campaigning of cyclists and other non-motorised road users.

There was a time when jay-walking as a crime didn’t exist but found its way into the rule book by the car manufacturing lobby. Only in America, of course.

Once every road was a cycle-lane, was safe for pedestrians to cross and for horses to work, an organic part of the whole community.

This is essential reading for anyone interested in road safety and urban planning.

Roads Were Not Built For Cars
Carlton Reid

ISBN : 9781610916899

Keep it up your sleeve for the next time someone driving an SUV tells you to get off the road …