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The Out-Group – Why Hi Viz Doesn’t Work

Muthumanaka Pinhamy, a Birmingham, UK, mother of five, was killed while cycling to work 6.30 one morning despite wearing hi-viz and reflective clothing and using front and rear lights. An articulated lorry pulled out of a side street and struck … Continue reading

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Cateye Rapid X – Rear Safety Light

Over the past few years bicycle lighting has seen a phenomenal development. Light Emitting Diodes and rechargeable batteries have been developed in both power and efficiency to the point where it’s hardly worth considering old school alkaline powered lights and … Continue reading

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Womo Designs Bar Mount Kit – first look

Hey technoweenies! You know how it is. You have more telemetry capability on your bike than the Mars Rover. The electronics alone cost more than the rails of the next three wheel-suckers on your last club run and there’s nowhere … Continue reading

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Something For You Gear-heads

Dérailleur: NOUN – A bicycle gear which works by lifting the chain from one sprocket wheel to another of a different size. Pronunciation: /dɪˈreɪl(j)ə In the strict engineering sense this is a device which shouldn’t actually work. Derailling a bicycle … Continue reading

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That Grumpy British Bloke Is Back

Yes. I’m back on the blog. It’s been a while, but I’ve just been too absorbed in facebook and kind of lost the plot. But Oh! That British Bloke is back on a new platform. It’s even on my own … Continue reading

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