Back Again

Well, the last few months have been exciting. But now, Mrs Bloke and I are now installed in our new – well nearly a century old – house in a cool little town in New Jersey.

Bloke Acres

Bloke Acres

And as I have mentioned before; “The English think a hundred miles is a long way. Americans think a hundred years is a long time…”

So Americans will go, “How quaint”. And Brits will yawn.

Yes, the garage is still full of boxes, as is the dining room. But we’re getting there. Working towards … as the education jargon used to say.

Our last move took two or three months to settle down. And even then, this time we moved, there were a dozen boxes which hadn’t been opened since the last move.

That is a barnstar up there. Akin to a lucky horseshoe I would think. It’ll be staying. We’ll need all the luck we can get come November. But that’s another story.

Anyhoooooo… it’s now a ten minute – brisk – walk into town. Even the theatre is only about a fifteen minute walk away. Uber and GrubHub work here so we’re doing our bit for the deconstruction of Capitalism, and the implementation of a Brave New World, or exploitation, if you like. (I’m going for the “more is more” theory of punctuation in that sentence). And yes, the full-stop outside the brackets is English, not American English, whatever that is.

Now the Important Things, apart from the love and devotion of a wonderful life partner, Mrs Bloke. The things that make my heart go Zing! Hopefully for a while longer.

Bicycles: Somehow we have to accommodate about seven+ or so alternative means of transport here. But it will be done! This is a cool little town, and I’m going to ride my bikes around it. And on occasions I’ll be forced to report. See here.

Model railway: You know it’s not a toy train? Not a train set? This is the world Jones ThatBloke made… It’s been on hiatus for a few months so not much – actually nothing – has happened. But somehow it survived the move and the wibbly-wobbly way into our new – well, oldish, like I said before – basement/cellar/vault/panic room without any damage or other issue. Thanks to our movers, Simonik, who did a great job.

I have to rethink the ends of the layout, Boltorr Road, since this isn’t much more than a diorama. The trains will still have to start from somewhere, negotiate my own little world and then move on. At this moment, I’m thinking a traverser or sector table. Maybe even a Nelevator?

Boltorr Road's new home

Boltorr Road’s new home

Hifi: Not certain what’s happening with that yet, but whatever, it’ll be good – of course.

So, plenty to do. But lots of time to do it.

I’m really looking forward to making this place Mrs Bloke’s and mine. Did I mention the Fibre Room?

Be seeing you.

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