A Bit Quiet Around Here …

Well, actually not quite true.

Miss America and I will shortly be moving away from the august environs of Princeton to the slightly faded 20’s glory of Cliffwood Beach on Raritan Bay. Still in New Jersey, of course, but still, a bit of a reality shift.

The really nice thing is that we’re moving to a rather charming period house on a small promontory overlooking the bay. In fact, it’s possible to see past the Verrazano bridge and up into Manhattan. The skyscrapers are quite identifiable on the horizon. An osprey stood guard in the trees at the bottom of the garden the day we went to view the property. So we were hooked.

Selfie on Ridge Road

Selfie on Ridge Road

So I’m taking the opportunity to get a few final rides into the Sourlands from our front door, while I still can.

Yes. That is a Guardian jersey I’m wearing there.

Yesterday, as usual on a ride, I solved the major problems of the world before realising that GU’s new hydration drink flavour, Lemon Tea is actually very good. Actually tastes like lemon tea, strangely enough. For you fadisttas, the drink seems to be gluten free, but does contain sodium and caffeine.

I was also musing about the strengths of our local bike shop’s favourite rear light, the Cat Eye Rapid-X which I have mentioned before on this blog.

It has now morphed into the Cat Eye Rapid-X2 which is basically the original on steroids, a little bulkier, but twice as bright.

I’ve already made the case for showing, at least, a rear light in daylight, but I got to thinking about the use of these very bright rear lights a night. It seems that a strobe pattern, whilst it might give the cyclist a sense of security, may be difficult for onlookers – motorists – to interpret direction and speed of the bicycle in the dark.

It seems a good guide is to use strobe in daylight hours, but use either steady or pulse at night. Given how much cheaper and more efficient these lights are getting the cautious could use two lights at night, one constant and one strobing.

I know. There will still be drivers who didn’t notice you while they were texting, but we can only do what’s most effective.

Anyway, I’m going to get what hills I can before I become a flat-lander.

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