Welcome to Dumnonia

A slice of Devon in the USA.

Actually, a little bit of Cornwall too.

This is a blog about my  attempts to model a tiny fragment of a railway in Dumnonia.

Dumnonia, a land beyond the reach of the mighty Roman Empire which somehow retained its identity through the millennia.

Well, actually, no. It’s only really in my head. Or is it? Maybe somewhere in the infinite number of alternative universes Dumnonia continues to exist. Because it once did. It was dreamt of in our philosophy. And here we are.

Dumnonia - Land of The Masters - 1st Century AD
Dumnonia – Land of The Masters – 1st Century AD

As I progress through this blog I’m going to expound my concept of what a model railway should be – for me at least.

I have no preconceptions. I’ve no issue with the people who cram as much track as they can on a piece of 6×4. If you like counting rivets, then good for you. Each to her/his own.

However, this is going to be my world. As authentic as I can make it look, but I won’t be concerned with people who tell me that such and such a wagon never made it past Bristol or that could never happen.

Because it did. In my world, at least. Get it?

Welcome to Dumnonia. Somewhere in the infinity of universes inside my head.

It doesn’t mean it’s not real.

A slice of Devon in the USA