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A few details about Boltorr Road Halt

First draught
First draught
The layout is based on a 8′ x 2′ module. I would have gone metric, but that would add an extra degree of complication. It’s an effort to even find a metric tape measure here in the US. Then there is the regular size of board material, usually 8′ x 4′.

The rail plane was designed to be a few inches above datum to enable depth as well as elevation to be rendered. I understand the attraction of a flat baseboard, but I’m really trying to represent the 3D nature of the landscape. I want it to look as if there were untold ages of geology and history before the railway scratched the surface of Dumnonia.

The original plan for Boltorr is rendered on the right. The drawing app is AnyRail and the track Peco Code75. I’ve since upgraded to Peco Bullhead which has only recently become available but only LH and RH points at the moment. A little bird told me that Peco may soon be producing a curved BH turnout, but if not the crossover will mean the track will have to be slightly realigned to accommodate straight points.

Other changes are fairly minimal and come about from the transition from 2D to 3D which exposes improbable or anomalous topography. The main issue has been that the vertical dimension has turned out to be more spectacular than I anticipated.