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MoorCore… Sheep Gaze… Who knew?

Interesting article in The Grauniad:

The Dartmoor music scene. It doesn’t have a name, and perhaps it shouldn’t. All the work is unified by the landscape. None of the musicians, projects or creations will ever be picked up or heard – local radio is playlisted, national radio doesn’t know about it, and very little even reaches the internet, and so a great deal gets lost. It crosses ages, and genre borders – there are limited numbers of musicians, unlike big cities, so you’ll find unlikely collaborations. There is deeply original, challenging, sumptuous, stark, detailed, soft, heavy, intense, progressive or tuneful music here, which is so far from the mainstream that if music might be considered a solar system, this non-scene is the Oort cloud at the edges.

It sounds as if it’s in the same universe as Dumnonia. Wherever that is…

Last train to Transcentral… Chuff-chuff