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Where in the world?

As is obvious by now, this railway is in another – albeit very similar – universe.

And this is a map of my particular corner of the multiverse.

Tamerton Hinterland
The general location – in a galaxy far, far away…

While you’re reading this I am working to fit the Boltorr dam and rail bridge into the landscape before I can actually lay some track.

This involves making the contours look plausible and sealing the Brook so I can install “water” which will flow from the overflow outlet into the original watercourse. It’s not going to be a raging torrent. Just deep pools and appropriate rocks and plant life.

I’m going to have to make a slight permanent way realignment because, at the moment, Peco is only producing regular bullhead track turnouts.

Maybe I should get back to Kernow Model Rail Centre and see if they have any insight into Peco’s plans.