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On the Permanent Way

Well, work will shortly resume on the Boltorr branch. I have a further aim. That involves using a second space in our cellar… Mrs Hill doesn’t know yet…

But this is my ambition:

Well, I have to finish a few other jobs first…

I really wanted a roundy-roundy, but space precludes this, particularly as I’m intent on keeping visible curves at as large a radius as I can. The branch and china clay depot will be transportable in case I decide to exhibit at local model railroad shows.

Our attic does have space for a pretty impressive circuit with the possibility of a couple of scale half-mile stretches and twelve coach and forty wagon trains, but it gets to about 120F/50C up there in the summer, and I just don’t know how cold in the winter. HVAC and insulation costs preclude practical consideration.

What lies beneath… Boltorr dam, St Boltfrey’s Cross and a trig point up on the tor

Boltorr, and Beyond

This blog really centres on a tiny portion of an imaginary railway which crosses, what in our universe is, Dartmoor, Devon. Now when I say imaginary, I don’t mean that King Arthur will be catching the local on his way to slay dragons… It really could exist, but maybe a tiny fraction of a dimension away,

As modelled, Boltorr will be a cameo style layout. That is just a fragment of a railway just a step or so on from say, a diorama. What seems to differentiate a UK model railway from a US model railroad is that one looks at a scene, the other manages to represent a whole railroad

Boltorr sits in our basement. The cellar is sectionalised and consists of three unfinished spaces. One holds the framework of what will become a halt serving a village and secluded country hotel, and some military sidings.

Boltorr when it first moved in…

The basic layout was planned using AnyRail and used Peco Code 75 track templates. The basic layout is below, fairly accurate, except Peco Bullhead has now been incorporated into the actual track plan.

Boltorr… The theory… My world in 8ft x 2ft

“Where is the railway?”, I hear my US friends saying. Another day.

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