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Here We Go Again…

Sorry… It’s been a while… And not for the first time, I’m back. So, hopefully is Boltorr Road Halt. But no heartfelt excuses… they will emerge over time.

But a few things have been happening. I could no longer stand the terrible arch on the stone overbridge. This has been replaced with an iron bridge and leaves the layout ready for complete landscaping.

I also have a side project – T-Trak, something completely different, but more of that anon.

So. Time to tidy up, find the tools and materials I thought I’d lost and catch that train.

The Bridge – the next chapter

Other than setting the bridge into the landscape and adding a bit of weedy flora, the road bridge is more or less done.

A Southern Region horsebox and 12T MOGO disappear under the bridge heading towards the MOD sidings...
A Southern Region horsebox and 12T MOGO disappear under the bridge heading towards the MOD sidings…

Here are the things I’ve learned:

  • Rendering stonework is not the hard part
  • Roads and lanes are very difficult. To start with, they’re not even black…
  • Pigment powder is very, very dense, no matter how little you think you’re using…
I'm going to have to think about that road surface...
I’m going to have to think about that road surface… Yes, the inside wall is whitewashed and there’s a wooden rubbing strip

So, I think it’s time to look at track… Let’s get something running!

Where in the world?

As is obvious by now, this railway is in another – albeit very similar – universe.

And this is a map of my particular corner of the multiverse.

Tamerton Hinterland
The general location – in a galaxy far, far away…

While you’re reading this I am working to fit the Boltorr dam and rail bridge into the landscape before I can actually lay some track.

This involves making the contours look plausible and sealing the Brook so I can install “water” which will flow from the overflow outlet into the original watercourse. It’s not going to be a raging torrent. Just deep pools and appropriate rocks and plant life.

I’m going to have to make a slight permanent way realignment because, at the moment, Peco is only producing regular bullhead track turnouts.

Maybe I should get back to Kernow Model Rail Centre and see if they have any insight into Peco’s plans.