Now. Where Was I?

Well, summer’s over. We’ve even seen a surprise snowstorm here in New Jersey. And my sister actually lives on Dartmoor tells me they’ve had snow there as well.

So it’s back to work on the Boltorr branch. 

I’m currently working on the road bridge which forms the scenic break at the northern end of the layout. It’s built using a structure of 2mm MDF, and stonework of chips of DAS modelling clay. 

The bridge ready for trimming
The bridge ready for trimming and rendering

All stonework is finished except for some trimming and my next stage will be representing the road, actually one of the most difficult exercises in modelling. I also have some etched drain covers and rain grills to add some detail. I just have to figure how to give the road a hint of camber.

The bridge will then be ready for painting and rendering.

Devon General 46 squeezes across
Devon General 46 squeezes across

My priority now will be to get the basic landform settled so I can actually lay some track. Initially the layout will be DC, but I’m wiring it so it will be easy to convert to DCC at some point. 

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