Time to get the mortar in – last mention, honest…

Spent a couple of days rendering the main part of the dam.

It’s actually ended up looking a shade or two paler than the bridge abutments which I was on the point of remedying until I did comparison between the two structures.

I used a different method of producing the granite blocks on the dam, inscribing the joints and blocks. This produced a surface which has slightly smaller blocks and less relief.

Now placing the two elements in position, the dam seems to be further away. The treatment has induced some false, but effective perception of depth which I am very pleased with.

Further weathering will take place when the model is in situ
Further weathering will take place when the model is in situ

I’ve also brushed a suggestion of moss and algae onto the appropriate sections of the wall. It’s subtle and effective, although not evident in the image.

I have also learned that it’s hard to mess up rendering and weathering structures. It’s almost impossible to overdo it. Stuff that looks a bit much in wet paint usually tones back as it dries, and besides, if you think it really is a bit much it’s easy to cut it back with a couple of dry brushes.

There are now a couple of iron fittings and a grating which remain to be rustified. I might also fit a couple of retaining ties on the slightly dodgier bits of the wall.

So I’m now able to set the structure into the landscape and concentrate on laying track across the bridge.

Roll on…

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