Boltorr Dam – The Next Step…

Okaaayyyyyyy… So it’s taken me a long time. But how long do you think it takes to build a dam?

Well, the structural components are all stoned up. I sprayed it all to get a uniform base to start with. The can was labeled as “Matt”, but obviously “matt” means something different here in the US.

It looks alright, but like a wet wall after a downpour, at the moment. But it’s going to work. I have texturing, weathering and adapting it into the landscape to do yet. So there’s time to sort it out.

The basic elements
The basic elements

I’ve checked the basic fit and alignment on the layout and it’s looking pretty good from any angle.

Looking up the leat, to Boltorr dam
Looking up the leat, to Boltorr dam

And if you were a rambler, having wandered down to the Boltorr Brook, you could look back and see this view of the dam, under the rail bridge.

A long way up - if you're an inch tall
A long way up – if you’re an inch tall

My next step is to get some mortar, a couple of iron eyes and fittings to add to the interest, possibly some plant life in the crevices, then finally fix it so I can lay track over the bridge.

Crossing the abyss...
Crossing the abyss…

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