Okay… I’m back…

Just a quick post.

Summer’s gone. I’m riding my trainer bike in the cellar (although it’s 70F/21C outside! Nearly November ffs!!!)

But it’s time to think about Boltorr again.

Autocoach for Okehampton
Autocoach for Okehampton
Pause for thought…

The bridge is almost ready. The Boltorr dam/brook crossing is pretty much together and awaiting final assembly, painting and weathering, etc. I’m thinking I’m going to assemble it as a module to maintain its integrity and drop it in then think about the water. Lots of learning and fun there…

Just awaiting a couple of bullhead points from Kernow Model Rail Centre, so track laying can commence.

There are only two (interlocked) switches on this layout, so I’m not going to DCC them. Maybe a nice signal/switch frame instead?

Plenty to think about.